Customer Testimonials

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Doug Green (Ret.)

As one of the first small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS, a.k.a. drone) pilots in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in 2010, we were trained by the Draganfly team and since our first engagement; my experience has been exceptional. The Draganfly team provided excellent training, and support of their systems for the life of our program. I started flying with the Draganflyer X6 and over the years our fleet was expanded to include several Draganflyer X4-ES platforms. Integrating the Draganflyer into our program was very smooth.

The initial goal of our program was to have a platform to capture an aerial view of a collision scene and/or crime scene. The aerial photographs are used to give a much better perspective of the scene being investigated in a courtroom setting. This has evolved into the use of the aerial photographs using automated mission planning software and photogrammetry software Pix4D to digitally preserve the scene allowing us to take accurate measurements and view from any angle. Other areas that the UAV's have been used in are search and rescue and tactical situations.

There are specific cases where using the aerial imagery provided us with critical information affecting the outcome of our investigation/operation that would not have been available to us otherwise, including the world's first lifesaving mission with a sUAS, I flew in 2013.

I am now retired with 400+ critical missions flown, 70+ hours of flight time, and I can say with confidence that I would not have been as successful without the support of the team at Draganfly, and following their program. They provided me with the skills and confidence to use this technology successfully to save lives, document collisions with incredible detail and increase communication and situational awareness in high-risk scenarios.

I would recommend that any emergency response team considering implementing or increasing their capabilities with drone technology contact Draganfly to learn more about drone technology in general and how it can be used to benefit your agency.

University of Saskatchewan, Plant Sciences
K D Singh

Great company and great products ! I've been known this company since long time. They have always provided superior service. I would never consider any other company for my needs. Thanks a lot for it's staff!

University of Saskatchewan, Global Water Futures
Dong Zhao

I trained in this fabulous place with great guys Andrew and Cory this February. A lot of knowledge about flying and safety. After getting our own UAV system customized by Draganfly, we've done many flights. When we encountered some problems about our flights or even about data processing, they were always there to help and solved them efficiently. I will recommend Draganfly to people who really want to do something professional using UAV.

Hanns Mercer

The Cadillac of all UAV's! Performance is very good!

Starscream Aerial Services
Ryan Brown

Excellent platform that is well engineered with smooth workflows for several end user functions. As a UAS service company, this remains our 'go to' commercial unit- Versatile, rugged and backed up by a hands-on, responsive engineering and customer service team.

Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District
Nik Barbieri

After spending quite a bit of time repairing hobby grade UAV's I knew it was time to go with a professional commercial grade system. I had been watching Draganfly products evolve over they years and was convinced they are who I needed to go with. I was looking for a unit that could be used for mapping, photogrammetry, traditional video, still photos, and was able to handle a payload of custom made dust sensors. Draganfly nailed every thing I was looking for. I started with the X4-P, and have since added two Commanders to our fleet.

In 2015 a coworker and myself were able to travel to Saskatoon for training. At that time I had been flying for well over a year, and was amazed at how much more I had to learn. The training was very professional and exceeded my expectations. (Saskatoon is a great place to, highly recommended if you have the chance). I plan to send the rest of my staff for training when time allows. The Draganfly staff has always been helpful and professional. Chris, Cory, Mark, Tyson, Andrew, Kevin, Ben, (I've missed a few I'm sure, sorry guys) have always made me feel like I am their priority and my concerns/ problems are important.

As for the product - it is top notch, the craftsmanship, design, circuit boards, electronics etc. are years ahead of any of their competitors that I have looked into. All components work well together and are obviously designed to make the life of the pilot easier. For mapping and aerial imagery I am not sure any other UAV company offers as much. For more on what we do with Draganfly products check out the June 2016 Case Study on their webpage. Good Job Guys!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Fiera Biological Consulting

Like us, these guys are a little too busy for their own good, but they still manage to keep up the awesome!

University of Saskatchewan, Plant Sciences
Hema Duddu

Draganfly Innovations Inc. is a UAV manufacture company based at Saskatoon. In 2014, we (Agronomy group, UofS) bought our first drone and started using their services and it's been a great journey. We had a very busy (over 200 flights) but successful season of aerial imaging last summer, which would have not possible without their timely support.

They are a great group of passionate people, very innovative and professional. Not to mention the names, their customer service and training personnel, hardware engineers and IT professionals helped us a lot in terms of flight training, aerial imaging and case specific solutions.

We are looking forward for another great season with them. I would definitely recommend Draganfly Innovations if you are into agricultural mapping or aerial imaging.

ACCESSiFLY Infrared Thermography & Integrated GIS Solutions
Chris Gorczynski

This unsolicited review pertains to my first purchase with Draganfly Innovations Inc. for anyone interested in their products, specifically the Guardian UAV (Package). Mine included a number of additional accessories purchased as well including additional batteries, an additional field charger, propellers, two custom made Pelican Cases (one for the UAV and core products, the other for the accessories and consumables), and a 2nd Payload (a FLIR Vue Pro R 640 30hz 19mm Infrared Camera). All were purchased by me on behalf of my company, ACCESSiFLY "Aerial Solutions, Infrared Thermography & GIS" to compliment our Remote Sensing Segment operating as ITC Certified Infrared Thermographers and a GIS Solutions Service in Toronto, ON.

As an umbrella statement that I hope does appropriate service to everything: "It is impossibly difficult to write a review to reflect and accurately describe how positive my experiences have been with their technology, professionalism, staff, customer service (pre and post sale), and client support. Draganfly Innovations Inc.'s well-known reputation for integrity, consistency, performance, innovation, and transparency, are well deserved and earned with pride. The overall quality, resilience, scalability, "ROI", and the care placed into the assembly of these hand built, scientific engineering masterpieces that look and perform like they came from Area 51 is matched by the care you will find is intrinsic at Draganfly Innovations Inc. for everyone and everything that they come into contact with "or could". They GENUINELY care about people and that is first and foremost. Safety is built into everything they do including their products. They were the first Company to make the Transport Canada Compliance List for a reason and the oldest Manufacturer of UAV's for the same reason my experiences and observations are supportive of, the equipment I purchased from them and every other conceivable comment I could and would make quantifies THEY ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST."

Components, documentation, easy of use, depth, breath, quality, workmanship, durability, aesthetics (nothing wrong with a good looking UAS...!), packaging, shipping, custom cases, you can simply place the entire gambit of what "you would hope for" into Draganfly Innovation Inc. and take a deep breath, you're not prepared for everything they offer, provide and continue to do so with honest ease; and when you operate this grade of equipment you simply come to know "10/10" when you see it and fly it. Their equipment is as outstanding as their staff, company and name.

Andrew, Amber, Tyson, Cory, and of course Zenon, I could not begin to thank you all enough or speak highly enough of you, and everyone else at Draganfly Innovations Inc. whom I have not had the pleasure yet of meeting, I would extend the same to as well.

To all that read this far, that's a 10/10 UAV in the photo (my 2018 Guardian UAV), equipped with a 10/10 Camera (FLIR not pictured, it's a 10/10 as well for sure), that's a 10/10 Proprietary Draganfly HHC (Handheld Controller), a 10/10 Compliant Manufacturer and their Logo are visualized on the side of the UAV, the people at the Company "go to 11/10" like a Marshall Amplifier and rock (not visualized).

I offer only my experiences and observations and encourage everyone to formulate an informed decision and put the time in to do the work as well, it's important to understand and be able to articulate to others "why" you selected a Manufacturer to work with as a component of your own integrity.

I say it with confidence and pride: "Proudly flying Draganfly Innovations Inc. UAS EXCLUSIVELY for a reason".


Thank you all again.


Blue Moose Media
Ricky Forbes

Draganfly Innovations is an incredible outfit with even better people. Andrew Carson and his team were great to work with, answering all questions and walking us through step-by-step on what drone fit our needs and how to get flying safely. Thanks for everything guys and gals! It is comforting to have resource like this only a call away. Would absolutely recommend Draganfly to anyone.

Kevin Lauscher

After being away from quadcopters for a couple of years and thinking of starting to fly again, I thought I would go visit Draganfly to see what was new. Having worked there I new what a great team they had in place and the great work they do. It was amazing how the technology changed in two years. The Draganfly Team set me up with the perfect system to meet my needs. The system works great and gets me the imaging that I want. Thanks Draganfly for the advice and keep up the great work!

University of Saskatchewan
Megan Fulmes

Working with Draganfly Innovations, and Andrew in particular, has been a pleasure from day 1. They go the extra mile in all respects and are truly a great Canadian tech innovator.

Cameco Corporation
Nathan Rolston

We worked with Draganfly on a project to use UAV's for surveying of surface stockpiles of at our mine site. We had an initial briefing meeting with Andrew and Cory at their shop where the ran through some of the many benefits of UAV's for our application and we were blown away at the quality of their product, service, and the overall ease of use. The guys came up to site and performed a survey with the commander.

The data quality, 3D model, and simplicity of the whole process exceeded our expectations. I would strongly recommend Draganfly for anyone serious about UAV's for surveying...........leave your dji at home.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Leila Benmerrouche

Purchased a Draganfly Commander last spring for Saskatchewan Polytechnic to undertake public safety and conservation related research. Sales staff were incredibly helpful and quick to answer questions regarding the various configurations. Training was excellent. Andrew provided an exceptional delivery and coverage of materials. Due to the weather we weren't able to practice outside. However, Draganfly has a contingency for everything; a full day of flight training was provided in a local gymnasium. The Commander's versatile design allows for portability, quick set-up, and long flight times. I highly recommend this product for anyone considering professional applications.

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